Author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra has been named the spring’s speaker for the 134th Baccalaureate Ceremony for the 2017 USC graduates and their families. The event will be happening on May 11 at the Bovard Auditorium and will be one of the main ceremonies for co... Read More

Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian attended this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas to show people how brands can find authenticity and revitalize their businesses the way they need to. He took the time to share his thoughts on how Reddit can help brands grow and “win” the internet over, which wa... Read More

Motivational speaker and comedian Jeff Havens has been announced as a speaker for the 13th Annual NY Tech Summit event that’s happening on June 7-9 at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona. Havens will be going on stage on June 8th and is unique in a way that he manages to captivate his audi... Read More

President of Fort Hays State University Dr. Mirta Martin was the featured speaker at the Diversity Breakfast at the Clarion Inn on October 6th in Garden City, Kansas. The event celebrated a number of cultures, but Dr. Martin specifically talked about Cuba as that is where she and her family are orig... Read More

American electronics, robotics, radio control expert and television host on Mythbusters Grant Imahara was featured as the main speaker for this year’s Mouser Empowering Innovation Together hosted event that happened on August 18th in Phoenix, Arizona. It was called the 2016 Microchip MASTERs Confere... Read More

Co-founder of Capodagli Jackson Consulting and American author of “The Disney Way,” Bill Capodagli was the keynote speaker for the business symposium that was put on by the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce in Florida. In his talks, the author discussed how Disney management techniques can bene... Read More

The first African American to direct a major presidential campaign in 2000 for Vice President Al Gore, Donna Brazile, spoke at the 55th Annual Progressive National Baptist Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 10. She spoke to the audience and addressed the upcoming election, stating that v... Read More

American futurist and theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku spoke at the ISTE 2016 conference that happened on June 26th in the city of Denver in the Colorado Convention Center. Dr. Kaku discussed the specifics of how the future is rapidly changing and how it will impact learning and teaching in the... Read More