Data Shows Virtual Events Are Here To Stay
Aug 26 2020
Carson Ingle

Virtual events are a relatively new format, but recent data shows that they have some staying power. It is true that an overwhelming percentage of events before the coronavirus was held in-person, but the necessity to adapt has opened eyes to exciting new ways to engage audiences. Even many vir... Read More

The 8 Best Ways to Make Virtual Meetings Impactful
Apr 07 2020
Carson Ingle

While the business world has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus, many of the same principles and objectives hold true. That is certainly the case for finding ways to communicate with and keep employees engaged. In-person meetings have now shifted to virtual sessions using technology... Read More

Innovation Speaker John Krubski Believes Virtual Meetings Can Be More Effective
Mar 31 2020

Count leading innovation speaker John Krubski as someone who believes that virtual meetings can actually be more effective than the traditional in-person set-up. In light of the coronavirus, many companies and organizations are now taking this approach and they are interested in booking virtual keyn... Read More

Virtual Keynote Speakers a Current Solution for Businesses Grappling with Coronavirus
Mar 19 2020
Faizan Ahmed

While in-person speaking engagements and appearances remain popular, businesses, event planners and conference organizers are looking for ways to still bring new ideas to the table during the coronavirus outbreak. This has led them to request if some of the world's top motivational speakers can make... Read More