Reasons to Adapt With Remote Work Here to Stay

Aug 02 2021

In recent news, many employees are threatening to quit if they have to return to work in person. According to a survey, nearly 40% of workers contemplated resigning if they had to return to work full-time. Even though it is not required of you as an employer, you should embrace a remote work policy. That policy, if properly implemented, can provide a significant benefit. It may also be able to address one of the most pressing issues in modern business.

Understandably, many employers cling to the hope of a return to a normal way of life. Although several businesses are reopening, this does not imply that things will return to normal. In many ways, the norm has shifted. One of them is that many employees do not want to return to work. While certain jobs do not allow employees to work from home, millions have recently learned that they can work remotely.

New Opportunities Ahead

Working from home brings us a whole new world of possibilities. Remote work offers the ability to hire people from all over the world. You can also save money by lowering your overhead costs. Even if no one on your team has threatened to leave, offers of remote work may tempt your best employees. Permanent remote work is becoming the norm, especially because of a greater societal shift.

Embrace a Remote Work Policy

Long before the pandemic, some people were already working remotely however, it was not always tolerated. People used personal devices to access work information and work devices to access personal information. They might have checked their work email while heading to work, before bed, or while on vacation. On their company-issued devices, they may check their email or social media accounts. While this is not always appropriate, it does happen. There are workarounds even when not prohibited, or you must stay within a certain perimeter.

The digital transformation has emphasized the blurring of personal and professional boundaries. The pandemic only served to speed up the process. The issue is that you are leaving yourself open to threats if you act like you are in the everywhere workplace but do not have an enforceable policy in place. While malicious threat actors are a huge problem, unintended exposure by well-meaning employees is also a significant factor.

The answer is simple: to embrace the workplace of the future and do so correctly. Stop assuming that your data will be safe behind your firewall. Stop using password-based authentication because it is outdated, inconvenient, and vulnerable to hacking. Whether you want everyone to work remotely all of the time, the reality is that the lines will grow blurry. It is your responsibility to ensure that the line is safe, secure, and productive.

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