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Technology speakers understand an industry that may seem complex to most. They come from many backgrounds, but they all look at the world from a similar perspective. Technology speakers can see what advancements lie ahead and they educate companies and organizations how to best navigate the future. If one of these best technology experts and tech conference speakers is present at your next meeting or convention, attendees will walk away appreciative for the insight they have received.

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William R. Kerr Marvin Bower Fellow & Associate Professor of Business Administration

William Kerr is the faculty head of the Launching New Ventures program for executive education and the co-director of Harvard's Managing the Future of Work initiative. Bill has won the Harvard Distinc... Read More

Winston Brill What does it take to think of great ideas even when you are too busy to be creative?

Dr. Winston Brill's first career was as a professor at the University of Wisconsin, where he was recognized with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Award for the most significant advancement in agr... Read More

Wayne Cotter Stand-Up Comedian; Host of Comic Strip Live

One of the most popular syndicated programs is Wayne Cotter, who has frequently appeared with both David Letterman and Jay Leno. Wayne, a well-known performer who travels widely, long supported the Fo... Read More

Wes Jackson Founder and Former President of The Land Institute

Wes Jackson established and served as chair of one of the first ecological research programs in the country at California State University-Sacramento after earning a BA in science from Kansas Wesleyan... Read More

William Hakes Analytical Visionary

Former analyst, consultant, director, and C-level executive William Hakes. He has collaborated with Fortune 500 firms as well as startups, and he has helped design integrated analytical solutions for... Read More

Wendy Lawrence Retired U.S. Navy Captain & Former NASA Astronaut; First Female Graduate of the United States Naval Academy to Fly into Space

Wendy Lawrence, a former NASA astronaut, and captain of the United States Navy is a designer pilot of helicopters. She participated in the STS-67, STS-86, STS-91, and STS-114 space transfer missions.... Read More

William Joyce William F. Joyce is Professor of Strategy and Organization Science at the Amos Tuck School of Business of Dartmouth College.

William F. Joyce teaches strategy and organizational science at Dartmouth College's Amos Tuck School of Business. With a focus on strategy execution, organizational design, and cultural transformation... Read More

William Mougayar Investor researcher blogger and best-selling author

Toronto-based investor researcher blogger William Mougayar is the best-selling author of The Business Blockchain (Wiley 2016). He collaborates with startups, entrepreneurs, pioneers, leaders, inventor... Read More

Wes Nichols Co-Founder and CEO MarketShare Partners

Wes Nichols, co-founder, and CEO of MarketShare Partners LLC, is one of the industry's most renowned experts in key showcasing and advertising responsibility. He has over 20 years of experience holdin... Read More

William Easterly Professor of Economics at New York University; Co-Director Development Research Institute

Dr. Easterly is the author of two books: The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics and The White Man's Burden: How the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have D... Read More

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