Technology Speakers

Technology speakers understand an industry that may seem complex to most. They come from many backgrounds, but they all look at the world from a similar perspective. Technology speakers can see what advancements lie ahead and they educate companies and organizations how to best navigate the future. If one of these best technology experts and tech conference speakers is present at your next meeting or convention, attendees will walk away appreciative for the insight they have received.

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Troy Carter Founder and CEO of Atom Factory

Troy Carter is the chief executive officer of Atom Factory. Atom Factory is an entertainment management company. Carter’s clients include stars such as Lady Gaga and Will Smith. His work has changed t... Read More

Tom Koulopoulos

Tom Koulopoulos is the chairman of the Delphi Group, which is a Boston think tank focused on future technology. Inc. Magazine named the Delphi Group one of the fastest growing organizations in the ent... Read More

Tim Westergren Founder of Pandora Media Inc

Tim Westergren is the co-founder of Pandora Radio. Pandora has been a tremendous success for Westergren, who has helped the company grow to become one of the most successful music and tech companies i... Read More

Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the world wide web. He created the web foundation and the Open Data Institute around the time he created the first web client. All of this took place while Berners-L... Read More

Todd Chaffee Managing Director and Partner with Institutional Venture Partners

Todd Chaffee joined IVP as Managing Director and General Partner in March 2000. He has been recognized by both Forbes and The New York Times as one of the world’s top venture capitalists. He is ranked... Read More

Timothy J. Los Founder CEO & Chairman of Rante Corporation

The creator, CEO, and Chairman of Rante Corporation, the market leader in software services and solutions, is Timothy J. Los. Los went to Hinsdale Central High School after attending a private grade s... Read More

Tiffany Pham Founder & CEO of Mogul

Tiffany Pham is the founder and CEO of Mogul, a renowned global network that enables women to connect, exchange knowledge, and draw on one another's experiences. She created the original version of Mo... Read More

Tristan Harris Product Philosopher at Google & Co-Founder of the Time Well Spent Movement; Technology & Design Ethicist

Tristan is a design thinker, philosopher, and businessman. He is also the co-founder of the Time Well Spent movement, which aims to start a fresh dialogue about the future we desire for the technology... Read More

Todd Hewlin Co-Founder of TCG Advisors Leading Expert on Digitization & Author

An expert in the fundamental change in business models that are altering the rules of the computer sector is Todd Hewlin. He is a co-author of the books B4B and Consumption Economics. In addition to b... Read More

Travis Kalanick Co-Founder of Uber

Travis Kalanick was born August 6 1976 and is an American entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the peer-to-peer file sharing company Red Swoosh and the transportation network company Uber.In 2014 he... Read More