Technology Speakers

Technology speakers understand an industry that may seem complex to most. They come from many backgrounds, but they all look at the world from a similar perspective. Technology speakers can see what advancements lie ahead and they educate companies and organizations how to best navigate the future. If one of these best technology experts and tech conference speakers is present at your next meeting or convention, attendees will walk away appreciative for the insight they have received.

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Lauri Segall CNNMoney Correspondent Covering Startups and All Things New

Lauri Segall is a technology expert, writer, journalist, and correspondent for CNNMoney. Segall focuses primarily on innovation and entrepreneurship. Segall often talks about how venture capital from... Read More

Lawrence Krauss Theoretical Physicist Author & Professor

Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss is a globally known hypothetical physicist with wide exploration interests including the interface between rudimentary molecule material science and cosmology where his examin... Read More

Leah Cohen-Shohet Vice President at Symphony

Leah Cohen-Shohet is the Vice President of Symphony a stage that gives endeavor wide cooperation to a portion of the world's biggest firms. The startup was established in 2014 and has developed to hav... Read More

Lee Odden CEO with Top Rank Marketing

Lee Odden is currently the chief executive officer of TopRank Online. TopRank Online is a marketing agency which focuses on online marketing for its corporate clients. Odden specializes in consulting... Read More

Leen Govaerts Unit Manager Smart Energy and Built Environment

Leen Govaerts has over 15 years of involvement with strategy situated exploration on manageable urban turn of events. At present, she is driving the examination unit Smart Energy and Built Environment... Read More

Leif K-Brooks Cofounder Octane AI

The fate of trade is informing applications. That is as indicated by Octane AI a Forbes Under 30 cap stunt. Leif K-Brooks who at the youthful age of 18 established Omegle a talk stage utilized by mill... Read More

Leila Janah CEO and Founder of Samasource

Leila Janah is a nonprofit professional who is focused on connecting people living in poverty with microwork. Microwork is a relatively new concept, but it is effectively small computer tasks that can... Read More

Leo Laporte Technology Broadcaster

Leo Laporte is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster. He has lived in several different cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey, and New Haven. Laporte i... Read More

Leonard I. Zon Cancer Genetics & Stem Cell Biology Researcher; Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Leonard I. Zon is the Grousbeck Professor of Pediatric Medicine at Harvard Medical School an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Director of the Stem Cell Program at Children... Read More