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Technology speakers understand an industry that may seem complex to most. They come from many backgrounds, but they all look at the world from a similar perspective. Technology speakers can see what advancements lie ahead and they educate companies and organizations how to best navigate the future. If one of these best technology experts and tech conference speakers is present at your next meeting or convention, attendees will walk away appreciative for the insight they have received.

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Katie Bouman Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology; Known for the First Visualization of a Black Hole

Katherine (Katie) Louise Bouman is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology. She researches computational methods for imaging and was responsible for the fi... Read More

Karen Gillan Actress Known for Her Role as Amy Pond on Doctor Who & Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy

Born on November 28 1987 in Inverness Scotland Karen Sheila Gillan forged an early attachment to acting. An only child Gillan learned to play the piano at age 7 and loved to perform. After taking part... Read More

Kevin Warwick Deputy Vice Chancellor at Coventry University and Renowned Scientist

Kevin Warwick is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at Coventry University. Before that, he was Professor of Cybernetics at The University of Reading England. His exploration regions are man-made reaso... Read More

Kevin Levine Creator of BIOSHOCK Video Game Franchise

Kenneth Ken Levine is an American game developer. He is the creative director and co-founder of Ghost Story Games. He led the creation of the BioShock series and is also known for his work on Thief: T... Read More

Keith Herman Serial Entrepreneur Consultant Advisor Global Speaker Board Member Writer Mentor & Advocate for Blockchain Technologies

Keith is an expert in business growth disruptive technology and innovation. He has the unique ability to create strategic partnerships for strategic advantage and attract capital. He also has years of... Read More

Kevin Mandia Founder & CEO of Mandiant

Kevin Mandia is the chief operating officer of FireEye a global network security company that provides real-time threat protection to businesses and governments worldwide against the next generation o... Read More

Kent Brewster Writer Editor and Publisher; Pinterest

Kent Brewster is a front-end engineer API agitator and technical evangelist. He helped found the Yahoo Developer Network wrote the JavaScript widgets and iPhone front end for Netflix built Live View f... Read More

Keith Rabois Vice President Slide Inc.

Keith Rabois is Chief Operating Officer at Square where he oversees the company’s business operations including marketing communications business development distribution human resources and risk mana... Read More

Kevin Dabney Kevin Dabney is the Wholesale CIO heading the Wholesale Technology group.

Wholesale Technology manages applications and delivery channels used by Wells Fargo Treasury Management Services Wholesale Credit Support Services Investments Trust Insurance and Asset Management and... Read More

Kit Peixotto Kit Peixotto directs Education Northwest’s Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Program.

Pack Peixotto coordinates Education Northwests Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Program. The Program gives research-based assets and administrations to empower teachers to execute top notch educa... Read More

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