Motivational Speakers

Remaining motivated is much harder than it sounds. After the excitement of working for a new organization wears off, most employees feel as if they are simply going through the motions. That is why bringing in a motivational speaker can be a game changer. Motivational speakers can help to keep your organization motivated and inspired even in tough times. These speakers are also pretty good at helping people come together when times get tough. This is critical for teams who are working together on complex projects. 

You can book your next motivational speaker directly from Speaker Booking Agency. Our talented team of booking agents wants to make sure that the motivational speaker you choose is the right fit for your business. A motivational speaker can truly transform your organization and create a level of excitement and enthusiasm that did not exist before. Contact us today to book your next motivational speaker! 

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Denise Ryan Certified Speaking Professional

Raleigh, North Carolina based professional speaker Denise Ryan is a motivational pyromaniac. Her infectious energy, humor, and enthusiasm will set a room ablaze.  A magna cum laude graduate of the... Read More

Morson Livingston Former Catholic Priest Who Speaks About Spirituality

Morson Livingston is someone with a very diverse background. He comes from a large family in India. While in India, at a very early age, he decided to dedicate his life to humanity and choose to becom... Read More

Sabrina Greenlee Inspirational Women's Speaker and Mother of NFL Star DeAndre Hopkins

SABRINA GREENLEE is a CEO, advocate, and an inspirational speaker whose national platform has reached and served thousands. From a struggling single mother to a successful entrepreneur, Sabrina has li... Read More

Liz Murray Known For Her Bestselling Memoir and the Television Film "Homeless to Harvard"

Liz Murray is an American memoirist and inspirational speaker who is notable for having been accepted by Harvard University despite being homeless in her high school years. Her life story was chronicl... Read More

Richard Phillips Captain of the Maersk Alabama; Author, A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea

The world was transfixed to their television screens for five days in April 2009 when Captain Richard Phillips, the first American ship to be kidnapped in more than 200 years, was abducted by Somali p... Read More

Leon Logothetis Global Adventurer, TV Host, Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author

Leon was carrying on with a deadened and disengaged life as a broker in London before he turned into a worldwide adventurer, TV host, inspirational orator, and smash-hit author. Outwardly, it appeared... Read More

Alex Weber International Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Entertainer and Former American Ninja Warrior Competitor

Over 3.5 million individuals have been favorably touched by Alex worldwide in order to overcome obstacles, phobias, and even failures in order to reach their highest aspirations! But Alex hasn't only... Read More

Craig Siegel Global Keynote Speaker and Performance Coach

Craig Siegel is an energetic keynote speaker who is highly regarded for his value-based approach and is rapidly emerging as a leading thought leader. He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and... Read More

Julie Solomon Brand Expert and Host of The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon has spent more than fifteen years helping people take charge of their lives, and she has certainly led by example. In her capacity as a brand and pitch expert, coach, and host of The Inf... Read More

Jeff Skiles Co-Pilot on the Miracle on the Hudson Flight

Jeffrey Bruce Skiles, nicknamed "Jeff", is a pilot employed by American Airlines. Skiles gained international recognition on January 15, 2009, as the co-pilot of US Airways Flight 1549, where he worke... Read More