Authors are tremendously interesting individuals. After all, they must create characters and do research in order to establish believable stories. Authors are being booked more than ever to talk about their creative process and how they manage their stories while writing. If you are interested in booking an author for your next corporate event, then you can start your search right here with Speaker Booking Agency. 

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Pablo Hidalgo Author of West End Games and Former Comics Writer on

Pablo Hidalgo is an author of material ranging from West End Games role-playing game resources to content for... Read More

Category: Authors

Page Omartian Youth Speaker and Author of Wake Up Generation

Paige Omartian is an author speaker and recording artist who is passionate about stirring an awakening in youn... Read More

Category: Authors , Christian Athlete Speakers , Comedians

Pam Cope Author & Philanthropist

Nine years ago Pam Copes life was as she had always imagined it would be. She owned a cozy hair salon in her s... Read More

Category: Authors , Inspirational Speakers

Pam Holloway Business psychologist author speaker and co-founder

And you thought success was the result of being smart conscientious and hard-working. The reality is that succ... Read More

Category: Authors

Pam Stenzel Abstinence Advocate and Director of the Alpha Women's Center

For years Pam Stenzel was on the front lines as Director of Alpha Women's Center a counseling center for women... Read More

Category: Authors

Pam Warren Motivational Speaker & Author; Paddington Train Crash Survivor

Pam Warren is a professional speaker and author who became known in the United Kingdom as the 'Lady in the Mas... Read More

Category: Authors

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Speaker Booking Agency wants to make sure that the author you choose to speak is the right fit. That means finding a speaker who truly understands how your organization works and what your culture is all about. Contact us today! 

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