Animal Speakers

People are fascinated by the animal kingdom. This makes the experts who study them popular speakers at a host of different events. Zoologists and animal speakers give engagement presentations where they inform audiences about different creatures. They often create additional excitement by bringing several forms of animal life with them to speeches. 

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Alicia Silverstone Actress & Animal Rights Activist

Alicia Silverstone made her way from Dominos Pizza commercials toCluelessfame, morphing into one of the most celebrated actresses today. Known for her role as Cher and her tireless activism, Silver... Read More

Amy Dickman Animal Conservationist, Wildlife Ecologist

Zoologist Amy Dickman has worked in Africa for more than 13 years. She spent six years at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, conducted research on human-carnivore conflict in Tanzania, and hold... Read More