Actor and Activist Danny Trejo Speaks About Latinx Representation at USC

There is no denying actor and activist Danny Trejo's status as one of the top Hispanic heritage speakers. His long Hollywood career has given him a special platform, one that allowed him to make an appearance at the University of Southern California this week. 

Trejo spoke to a class on Hollywood and entertainment at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. The wide-ranging conversation talked about his life experiences. 

One of the main points of Trejo's speech dealt with the importance of Latinx representation in media. He said that it is important for minorities to see people like them on the screen. 

“I think we’ve broken down a lot of doors; we’ve got like Selma Hayek, a star, we have Jessica Alba … you know like slowly, it’s a process,” Trejo said. “Everybody has been stereotyped for a long time, and we’re starting to work out of it … there’s still room for improvement, but it’s getting better.”

Trejo has become one of the world's most recognized Latinos. He is best known for playing the hero Machete in "Spy Kids" and also is recognized for roles in films like "Heat," "Con Air" and "Desperado." 

Trejo is also an accomplished television and voice actor. He has subsequently transitioned into the role of a restauranteur, owning several eateries in the Los Angeles area. 

In addition to speaking about Hispanic heritage, Trejo shares his own personal second chance story. He spent time in jail and prison before becoming turning his life around as a drug counselor and eventually an actor. 

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