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Welcome to our distinguished lineup of Politics & World Issues Speakers, where we present influential voices that delve into the pressing matters shaping our global landscape. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we are committed to curating a diverse roster of speakers who are at the forefront of international affairs, diplomacy, and political discourse. Whether you're hosting a conference, panel discussion, or town hall meeting, our Politics & World Issues Speakers offer unique perspectives that engage audiences and stimulate meaningful discussions. Dive into the realms of policy, governance, and geopolitical trends with our renowned speakers who are making a significant impact on the world stage.

Our Politics & World Issues Speakers encompass a broad spectrum of expertise, including government officials, diplomats, human rights advocates, journalists, and scholars. They address vital issues such as climate change, global security, humanitarian efforts, and economic policies, providing in-depth analyses that drive informed decision-making and foster positive change. These influential speakers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your event, captivating audiences with their passionate storytelling and thought-provoking ideas. With their powerful messages and calls to action, they inspire audiences to become informed global citizens and actively participate in shaping a better future for all.

At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we understand the significance of global engagement in addressing the world's most pressing challenges. Our Politics & World Issues Speakers have shared their expertise on prestigious stages worldwide, from conferences and summits to academic institutions and corporate events. They have navigated complex geopolitical landscapes and offered diplomatic solutions, making them ideal choices for your event's keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a network of thought leaders who can enlighten, engage, and motivate your audience, sparking meaningful dialogues and inspiring positive actions to tackle global issues.

As you plan your event to address Politics & World Issues, SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA) is your gateway to securing influential speakers who possess the experience, knowledge, and passion to drive transformative change. Browse our extensive roster of Politics & World Issues Speakers and find the perfect match to elevate your event's impact and foster a deeper understanding of the pressing global challenges we face.

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Tadatoshi Akiba Former Mayor of Hiroshima, Japan; Mathematician & Politician

Mayor Akiba is Hiroshima's first elected non-native mayor. The fact that the survivors of the historic bombing have accepted him as a voice for their cause and legacy is a testament to his long histor... Read More

Tamara Holder Fox News Legal & Democratic Contributor

The website xpunged.com was founded by Tamara Holder. Her legal practice is now wholly focused on governor clemency and pardons. She formerly worked as a criminal defense attorney, successfully defend... Read More

Tammy Bruce Political Commentator Talk Radio Show Host & Author

Tammy Bruce has been portrayed as an openly homosexual skilled decision-maker who ruled in favor of President Reagan's dynamic feminism and possessed the knowledge of the death sentence. Being a devot... Read More

Tara Wall Journalist and Political Commentator

Tara Wall, a seasoned communications professional and dependable senior media strategist, was recognized by BET as one of "Washington's Most Powerful Women." The former newsreader who has transitioned... Read More

Ted Childs Former IBM Executive; White House Delegate on Aging; Speaker on Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

When Ted Childs began working at IBM more than 39 years ago, equal opportunity was regarded as a fundamental tenant of the organization's basic principles, with a long history of emphasis on gender, c... Read More

Ted Cruz U.S. Senator From Texas

American politician and attorney Ted Cruz has been the junior Texas senator since 2013. He came in second place in the 2016 presidential election for the Republican nomination. Cruz graduated from Har... Read More

Ted Nugent Rock Musician Author & Humanitarian

Ted Nugent has established himself as an American legend, selling more than 30 million albums and receiving more media attention than the majority of contemporary political figures. renowned for his w... Read More

Ted Strickland Candidate for U.S. Senate, Ohio

Ted Strickland has devoted his life to helping others as a former preacher, psychotherapist, politician, and governor of Ohio. Ted fought tirelessly as governor to provide opportunities for Ohioans. B... Read More

Terry Holt Terry Holt has served in both of President George W. Bush's winning campaigns most recently as the National Spokesman for Bush-Cheney 2004 and was Senior Advisor to the Republican National Committee.

Since 1988, Holt has presided over conflicts in every political election cycle and across the country. When he worked with the campaign that ousted the longest-serving US House Speaker since the Civil... Read More

Terry McAuliffe Former Governor of Virginia Known for Influencing Cybersecurity Policy

Gov. McAuliffe sometimes referred to as "the Cyber Governor" for his emphasis on cyber and privacy concerns during his stint as governor of Virginia, is aware of the significance of best practices in... Read More