Motivational Speakers

Remaining motivated is much harder than it sounds. After the excitement of working for a new organization wears off, most employees feel as if they are simply going through the motions. That is why bringing in a motivational speaker can be a game changer. Motivational speakers can help to keep your organization motivated and inspired even in tough times. These speakers are also pretty good at helping people come together when times get tough. This is critical for teams who are working together on complex projects. 

You can book your next motivational speaker directly from Speaker Booking Agency. Our talented team of booking agents wants to make sure that the motivational speaker you choose is the right fit for your business. A motivational speaker can truly transform your organization and create a level of excitement and enthusiasm that did not exist before. Contact us today to book your next motivational speaker! 

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Bershan Shaw Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

Author, Warrior Life coach, motivational speaker, multi-faceted entrepreneur and two-time breast cancer survivor, Bershan has dedicated her life to helping others embrace their inner warrior during li... Read More

John Foppe Author and Motivational Speaker

Born without arms, John Foppe, MSW has faced unique obstacles to living a normal life. But what he’s always had is an indomitable perspective on life-a perspective that empowers him to be a creative p... Read More

Julio Melera Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Julio Melara is passionate about helping people and organizations seize their full potential! He wears many hats in his personal and professional life he’s overcome many obstacles since childhood- an... Read More

Ketih A. Somers Founder and COO of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, Actor, Voice Over Artist, & Motivational Speaker

Keith A. Somers, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, was born in the 60’s and raised in the suburbs of Southeastern Pennsylvania, thirty minutes outside me... Read More

Lionel D. Lyons Motivational Speaker and Trainer

He strives to inspire and motivate people to take charge of their life and destiny by reaching for the stars and dreaming the possible dream. A product of rural eastern North Carolina, he was reared i... Read More

Lloyd H. Bachrach Motivational Speaker

Lloyd was born in 1962 with a congenital bone deficiency which left hisunusually small. Due to the severity of his disability, some doctors suggested there would be little or no hope for a normal life... Read More

Skylar Kergil Transgender Activist, Artist, Musician & Speaker

Skylar Kergil is a transgender singer-songwriter, activist, educator, writer, and artist from Acton, Massachusetts, who now lives in Boston. After high school, he attended Skidmore College, where he s... Read More

Bruce Pfau Author, Expert on Peak Performance, Employee Motivation, and Corporate Culture

Dr. Bruce Pfau joined KPMG LLP as Vice ChairHuman Resources. Prior to that, he was National Practice Director of Organization Effectiveness at Watson Wyatt Worldwide and is an internationally recogniz... Read More

Chad Porter Business Trainer, Ziglar Certified Motivational Speaker

Chad Porter is one of the nation's most inspirational and motivational speaker. He has been telling his amazing story of overcoming obstacles, perseverance, dealing with life's challenges, creating a... Read More

Curt Tueffert Motivational Speaker

Curt Tueffert understands that motivation and knowledge can be combined to create the outcomes required to be successful. Curt communicates a balance to his audiences that gives people the right tools... Read More