Extreme Sports Speakers

With the sports they compete in on the rise, extreme sports speakers are increasingly popular. These daredevil athletes bring crowds and viewers at home to their feet with their high-flying acrobatics and adrenaline-filled landings. Many extreme sports have been added to the Olympics and they even have their own showcase at the X Games. Some of the most popular extreme sports include skateboarding, motocross, snowboarding, inline skating, mountain biking and skiing. Extreme sports speakers talk on the principles that have made them the best in the world at their particular craft. They appeal to a wide range of audiences and add a fun element to any in-person or virtual event. 

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Matt Guthmiller Entrepreneur. Pilot. Software Engineer. MIT. Youngest person to solo circumnavigate by air.

Matt is an entrepreneur pilot software engineer speaker and Guinness World Record holder studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his first company AnySIMiPhones in 2007 at ag... Read More

Clay Egan Motivational Speaker First and Only Quadriplegic Rock Crawler

Clay Egan lived his life to the fullest. He loved to hunt and fish and spent his weekends racing motocross or in the mountains scouting for deer. While growing up Clay loved to build things and work w... Read More

Stacey David Former Host of TRUCKS! on Spike TV and Host of Gearz

Stacey David, who grew up in Idaho, established a reputation as the town's hot-rodder by driving his 1930 5-window coupe to school every day. It was a true hot rod... quick and deadly! It's a miracle... Read More

Evan Evans Evan Evans is the only paraplegic professional off-road racer in the world. He has been for the last 23 years. He is the son of the legendary off-road racer Walker Evans.

As a paraplegic racer Evan was the major speaker for General Motors Mobility Program. He did this for over 7 years. In recent years Evan as kept his personable style honed by promoting himself and h... Read More

Terri Schneider Extreme Endurance Athlete; Sports Psychology Consultant

Terri Schneider, one of the most unique and accomplished extraordinary ultra-continuance competitors, transforms her athletic experiences into an epic adventure that will captivate audiences and inspi... Read More

Scott Jurek Ultramarathon Champion and Bestselling Author of Eat & Run

Scott Jurek has established himself as one of history's greatest sprinters and a living legend. He has won nearly all top trail and ultrarunning road competitions, including the illustrious Western St... Read More

Neal Petersen History-Making Extreme Adventurer Award-Winning Author & Global Investor

Transform your organization by turning set-backs and barriers into opportunities. How do you navigate forward deal with constant wind shifts sudden storms conquer fear isolation while dealing with an... Read More

David Hackett Legendary Skateboarder and Motivational Speaker

David Hackett aka DH “Dedicate Deliver and Die Hard”In today’s world of popularized celebrities philanthropists and gurus it’s hard to measure authenticity. Meaning identifying those individuals that... Read More

Cedric Dumont Wingsuit Flyer Base Jumper and High Performance Psychologist

Cedric Dumont is a wingsuit flyer base jumper and high performance psychologist. He is an International Red Bull Athlete and his partnership with the company enables him to develop challenging and exc... Read More

Justin Fornal Explorer Author Extreme Athlete

Justin Fornal is an international explorer and cultural detective. Fornal specializes in investigating indigenous traditions and historical mysteries around the world. He is currently a writer and pro... Read More