Creativity Speakers

Most people believe that creativity is something that you are born with, but it has been proven that it is also a skill you can develop over time. Creativity speakers can help people in your organization understand how creativity is developed and enhanced. They can also help your organization learn how to cultivate creativity instead of crushing it for the sake of productivity. After all, creativity can help your business find the next big innovation that puts it ahead of its competitors. 

Interested in booking a creativity speaker? Speaker Booking Agency wants you to be able to find the right fit for your organization so that you can decide based on cultural and ideological alignment. When you find the right speaker, your audience is much more likely to remain excited and engaged throughout the event. Book your next creativity speaker today!

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Naeem Zafar CEO of TeleSense Entrepreneur Educator Author

Naeem's career was shaped in the high-tech industry having started or worked at seven companies and advising several dozen startups. Naeem has distilled his knowledge and personal experiences in his w... Read More

Nick Bruel New York Times Bestselling Children's Author

Nick Bruel is an author and illustrator of children's books most notably the Bad Kitty series. The first book in the series Bad Kitty is an alphabet-themed picture book and the following books are cha... Read More

Nafissa Thompson-Spires Author of Heads of the Colored People

Nafissa Thompson-Spires earned a PhD in English from Vanderbilt University and an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in M... Read More

Nancy Kruse Nancy Kruse President of The Kruse Company in Atlanta GA is the best known and most widely quoted menu analyst in the restaurant industry.

Nancy Kruse/ President/ The Kruse CompanyThe best-known menu analyst in the foodservice industry Nancy Kruse is a recognized authority and widely quoted spokesperson on food and menu trends.In 1997 Na... Read More

Nathan Englander Author of the Internationally Best-selling Short-story Collection “For the Relief of Unbearable Urges” and the Novel “The Ministry of Special Cases”

Nathan Englander's short fiction essays have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and several other publications and anthologies including The Best American Short Stories and... Read More

Neal Petersen History-Making Extreme Adventurer Award-Winning Author & Global Investor

Transform your organization by turning set-backs and barriers into opportunities. How do you navigate forward deal with constant wind shifts sudden storms conquer fear isolation while dealing with an... Read More

Naima Coster Award-Winning Author of Halsey Street

Naima Coster is the award-winning author of Halsey Street a novel of family loss and renewal set in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn. Halsey Street has been recommended as a must-read for 2018 by People... Read More

Nadya Direkova Expert in User Design & Interaction Design; Previously Worked for Airbnb and Google X

Nadya Direkova is a design leader focused on vision strategy and rapid prototyping. She is an expert in user design and interaction design. She supports early stage AI-based start ups as a Design Part... Read More

Neil Bedwell Founder of Local Industries; Former Head of Digital Coca-Cola

Neil joined Coca-Cola as Head of Digital at the end of 2011 and worked there until 2014. He then founded Local Industries a strategy and innovation shop focused on solving growth problems for business... Read More

Nellie McKay Playful quirky hilarious endearing: not attributes of your typical political agitator.

Nellie McKay has been a singer-songwriter-producer-activist, etc. Her music is whimsical, colorful, catchy, and as engaging as it is restless. Toying with antique genres and yet undeniably contemporar... Read More