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Success Guru AK Mishra a renowned motivational Speaker an educationist and an entrepreneur who has been motivating people from different walks of life to live the life of their dreams and has been enabling participants to unleash their unconditional pot

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Success Guru AK Mishra Biography

Presentation Arun Kumar Mishra, commonly known as Success Guru AK Mishra among his followers, was born on October 22, 1964. He is the founder and director of Chanakya IAS Academy and his make-believe organization, "AK Mishra's Art of Success." He is a well-known motivational speaker who has joyfully shared his Art of Success training throughout India to gain long-term transformation in human behavior. He has been stirring up young people with his motivational speeches for more than 20 years. Through his work on "AK Mishra's Art of Success," AK Mishra aims to inspire and program people to advance in all spheres of life. Early Years AK Mishra was born amid the affluent surroundings of the Chota Nagpur Plateau in Jharkhand, where the town of Hazaribagh is located. Exercises seem leisurely, and the air is always fresh. In any event, things aren't quite as straightforward there. There, the term "remote" acquires real significance because the British most likely discovered it while attempting to build railroads through its treacherous terrain. Although there are more train lines and common throughways today, there were hardly any improvements to interchanges when AK Mishra was a boy growing up in 1960s free India. From his hometown of Barkagaon to his first school, he rode his bicycle for five kilometers. He most likely observed vast expanses of land and numerous persons who need to have been handled and represented from viewpoints during breaks in his daily duties. These pauses and what he thoughtfully learned from them may have suggested the future course for this deserving kid of a humble school principal. Born and nurtured in the idyllic Hazaribagh, a region of verdant undulations and wildflowers, AK Mishra pursued his education at St. Columba's College and Delhi University. He may have been a chairman himself after a brilliant academic career that took him from an "unremarkable country school" (Hazaribagh's St. Columba's College to Delhi University). That, however, would have limited difficulties for him and his magnificence as an individual. Instead, he made the decision to develop "Human Software," as he refers to it, for administration and organization throughout all India. Thus, AK Mishra spearheaded the creation of the Chanakya IAS Academy, where he established the notion that motivation is the key to growth, in 1993. It is currently the nursery of choice for Indian administrators. In this way, Chanakya envisioned his own life-improving initiative, "AK Mishra's Art of Success," and the AK Mishra institution. He also brought new skylines and social responsibility into existence. His motivational lectures attract a sizable audience outside of Chanakya IAS Academy. Amazingly close to AK Mishra's heart is The Art of Success. Even while Art of Success has been around for longer than Chanakya IAS Academy in the realm of life-transformational training, it has only recently taken on a distinctive form. And in order to advance his fictional organization, AK Mishra's Art of Success, he has delved directly into the problem in the triumph of the harsh terrain and promoted particular courses for people from various backgrounds, such as Art of Success for Parenting. The Art of Successfulness For professionals, the Art of Success Success Art for Aspirers Teenage Success: The Art Art of Human Relationship Success. Accomplishments More than 2000 contenders are being encouraged by the Chanakya IAS Academy to succeed in the arduous examination for the IAS, IPS, IFC, and other common administrations. The strike rate is favorable for the high quality of aid at over 100 each year. AK Mishra, who began with 43 students, now has 4000 students enrolled in 11 centers, one of which is in Guwahati and has its headquarters in south Delhi. Patna Ranchi Hazaribagh Gurgaon Pune Ahmedabad Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Pune. Beyond the Academy, Since before he founded Chanakya IAS Academy, AK Mishra has been inspiring young people to live the lives they've always desired via his Art of Success Training workshops. He has a passion to do something extraordinary in life. The Human Software Development curriculum of AK Mishra and His Art of Success is very well recognized worldwide. With his preparatory programs, AK Mishra's Art of Success has inspired his audience and transformed the lives of a significant number of people.

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