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Speaker’s Fee Range: $5,000 - $10,000
Travels From: Miami, FL, USA

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Stuart thinks that "life is all about choices," but he didn't choose to be born prematurely at just 3 pounds, nor did he pick Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach as his home for the first two months of his existence while he battled for survival. His physical weight varied until he ultimately put on the extra weight required (two more pounds now weighing 5lbs.). After being released from the hospital, he is now in his family's capable hands. He would maintain the same courage and convictions in the face of life's hardships throughout his whole existence, from childhood to maturity. He occasionally had to make tough decisions, which enabled him to stay away from narcotics, gang violence, and juvenile delinquency. Stuart struggled to survive despite peer pressure, just as he had done from his infancy. Stuart is open and honest about some of the numerous decisions he has made and how they have changed the course of his life. As he leads you from where you are to where you want to be so that you may live a "purpose-driven life," these stories will have an influence on your life as well. The Professional Background of Stuart In terms of identifying and igniting human potential, Stuart is a top "experienced" authority. Stuart has worked as a State and Federal Investigator for the State of Florida and the United States District Courts for more than 20 years. His impressive career includes more than 12,000 one-on-one interviews with inmates or prisoners, more than 18,000 defendants addressed in court or judicial settings, more than 2,000 criminal cases assigned, more than 1,000 initial court hearings (bond hearings) attended from beginning to end, thousands of post-crime scene photos taken, investigations/visits to hundreds of post-crime scene locations, thousands of family members or potential witnesses interviewed in the field, and testimony in numerous cases. Mister Speaker Stuart A. Sands is a charismatic author, consultant, and professional speaker who brings positivity and energy with him wherever he goes. ! The kitty! Those who interact with Stuart come away inspired by his motivating tales, renewed by his endearing character and kindness, and equipped to take on their own difficulties. His caring style, which encourages individuals to find their true selves, demonstrates his sincere concern for children and mankind. Stuart is a trained and distinguished speaker with a global authority on leadership and communication development. Stuart has delivered motivating speeches around the nation.

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