Creativity Speakers

Most people believe that creativity is something that you are born with, but it has been proven that it is also a skill you can develop over time. Creativity speakers can help people in your organization understand how creativity is developed and enhanced. They can also help your organization learn how to cultivate creativity instead of crushing it for the sake of productivity. After all, creativity can help your business find the next big innovation that puts it ahead of its competitors. 

Interested in booking a creativity speaker? Speaker Booking Agency wants you to be able to find the right fit for your organization so that you can decide based on cultural and ideological alignment. When you find the right speaker, your audience is much more likely to remain excited and engaged throughout the event. Book your next creativity speaker today!

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Willard Wigan British Sculptor Famous for His Micro Miniature Works of Art

In the eye of a needle and on the head of a match, respectively, Willard Wigan has memorialized the Obama family and Muhammad Ali. He works under a microscope to create sculptures that are exceedingly... Read More

William Powers Best-Selling Author of Hamlet's BlackBerry

William Powers was raised in Rhode Island after being born in Arizona. With a degree in American history and literature from Harvard University, he graduated with the highest honors possible. As a Rot... Read More

Warren F. Kornblum America's Most Requested Branding Speaker

Warren Kornblum is a lively and powerful keynote moderator on topics like as branding, emotional marketing (he calls it Share of Heart), and corporate motivation. His talks have received wonderful rev... Read More

Wyclef Jean Grammy Award Winning Musician Formerly in Band The Fugees

Wyclef Jean is a global superstar who has sold over 100 million records and won three Grammys. Jean founded the renowned Hip Hop group the Fugees and created an iconic repertoire of classics like Hips... Read More

Will Wright Interactive Entertainment Designer

Will Wright, a twenty-something college student with five years under his belt but no degree, had the notion to make a game about planning and constructing cities. In attaining that aim, Will Wright e... Read More

Watson Hartsoe Ethnographer Designer Educator; Genesis STEAM

Watson's work has carried him throughout America in search of new paths of developing inventive networks for social greatness, with a base in social human studies and participatory media enterprises.... Read More

Will Stahl Co-Founder & CEO of Offworld Industries

The CEO of Offworld Industries, Will Stahl, raised $330,000 in 2015 to launch the multiplayer military shooter Squad. Squad is now in Early Access and has sold 1 million units. Offworld has future amb... Read More

Wahid Bhimji Big Data Architect at NERSC

Wahid Bhimji is a key information modeler at the Berkeley National Laboratory's NERSC supercomputing center. His AI interests include generative models and deep learning applied to fundamental researc... Read More

Wivina Demeester Former Belgian and Flemish minister

Wivina has had several posts throughout her career. She started her work as a lecturer in secondary school before founding Monks, a residence for mentally impaired individuals, in the late 1960s. She... Read More

William H. Andrews The Cure for Aging. Technology is close to finding a cure for aging through prevention of telomere shortening.

The Age Reversal Drug. In Reno, Nevada, I am the owner of a biotech business called Sierra Sciences that has been working for 10 years to find a cure for aging. About 30 of our experts are solely dedi... Read More