Creativity Speakers

Most people believe that creativity is something that you are born with, but it has been proven that it is also a skill you can develop over time. Creativity speakers can help people in your organization understand how creativity is developed and enhanced. They can also help your organization learn how to cultivate creativity instead of crushing it for the sake of productivity. After all, creativity can help your business find the next big innovation that puts it ahead of its competitors. 

Interested in booking a creativity speaker? Speaker Booking Agency wants you to be able to find the right fit for your organization so that you can decide based on cultural and ideological alignment. When you find the right speaker, your audience is much more likely to remain excited and engaged throughout the event. Book your next creativity speaker today!

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Gary Schwartz Gary Schwartz was born and spent much of his youth in mining towns in central Africa.

He graduated from Columbia University in New York and the Stanford University Center in Yokohama where he was the recipient of the Asia and Japan Foundation Fellowship.Gary was a columnist in Japan an... Read More

Grace Jun Executive Director of Open Style Lab; Expert on Disability and Design

Grace is an Assistant Professor at the School of Fashion at Parsons School of Design. She serves on FIT Museum’s Body Advisory Committee and holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) a... Read More

Guy J Ale Guy J Ale Founder and President of Lifespan Seminar is a global authority on optimizing lifespan potential.

Guy J Ale is the Founder and President of Lifespan Seminar - Lifespan Seminars explain that it is in our DNA to sense how long we can live and teach how to do this.Mr. Ale is... Read More

Gino Perrotte Culture and Communication Expert

Gino Perrotte is an instructor author coach facilitator and speaker. His professional career is dedicated to communication coaching consulting training and development that grows creative potential in... Read More

Gregg M. Fraley Producer Author Emcee & Host; Ideas Consultant

Gregg's diverse background includes everything from founding and managing high-flying technology companies to working as a television producer. Now he's the author of the first ever business fable abo... Read More

Greg Lindsay Expert on Globalization Cities and Innovation

Greg Lindsay reports from the front lines of globalization. Widely cited as an expert on the future of travel technology and transportation on the design and resiliency of cities and on how to create... Read More

George R.R. Martin Author of the Game of Thrones Books

A leading fantasy author George R. R. Martin grew up in Bayonne New Jersey where his world was five blocks long. He may have spent his early years never straying far from home but his imagination seem... Read More

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato Award-Winning Author; Military Veteran; Aviator & Chief Executive Officer of Gracefully Global Group LLC

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is a bilingual sought-after speaker and Chief Creative Officer of Gracefully Global Group LLC the premiere award-winning publishing and marketing firm for Latino innovation ent... Read More

Gilberto Gil Singer and Composer Gege Producoes Artisticas Ltda

Gilberto Gil carries out a fundamental role in the constant modernization process of Brazilian Popular Music. Partaking of this scene for 50 years he has developed one of the most relevant and renown... Read More

Greycork Furniture Designers

Greycork was created with the belief that a furniture design brand could inspire people to have deeper social personal and productive experiences in their homes. Founded in 2013 by a group of designer... Read More