Directors and Screenwriters

Directors and screenwriters are the leaders that shape Hollywood. They oversee multimillion-dollar productions while dealing with complex personalities and strict deadlines. Their abilities to manage and delegate are things that directors and screenwriters talk about in speaking engagements. They also address their creative process and share fun stories from working with some of the world's biggest celebrities. 

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Andy Casagrande National Geographic Cameraman

A veteran field producer and cinematographer, Andy B. Casagrande’s passion for wildlife, as well as his experience as a naturalist and documentary filmmaker, have taken him around the world to capture... Read More

Cesar Kuriyama Creative Human Person / Director / TED speaker / GEEK / 3D VFX artist / Educator. Obsessed w/ new ideas. Founder of @1SecondEveryday.

I was born in Peru, but grew up a math and science nerd in New Jersey. A passion for movies and storytelling ultimately drew me to study several artistic fields at Pratt Institute of art and design i... Read More

Mike Reiss Member of the Original Writing Staff for The Simpsons

Mike Reiss is an American television comedy writer and author. He served as a show-runner, writer and producer for the animated series The Simpsons and co-created the animated series The Critic. He cr... Read More

Amy Ziering Producer & Documentary Filmmaker; Known for "The Invisible War" and "The Hunting Ground"

Amy Ziering is a two-time Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. Her most recent film, The Hunting Ground- a piercing, monumental exposé of rape culture on college campu... Read More

Bonni Cohen Co-Founder and Filmmaker, Actual Films; Co-Founder, Catapult Film Fund

Bonni Cohen is an award-winning producer and director. She co-directed “Audrie & Daisy,” which premiered in competition at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and was picked up as a Netflix Original film.... Read More

Alan Zweibel Producer and Writer

Alan Zweibel is an American producer and writer who has worked on such productions as Saturday Night Live, PBS' Great Performances, and It's Garry Shandling's Show. During his 5 years at Saturday Nig... Read More

Rory Kennedy Documentary Filmmaker

Rory Kennedy is an American documentary filmmaker and youngest child of U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy. Although her father was assassinated before she was born, Kennedy consciously re... Read More

Andy Mineo American hip-hop artist

At just 17, Andy Mineo was living a dream he had money, local fame and the respect of his peers. But while attending college in NYC, he finally faced the music—neither was the key to life. Andy, for... Read More

Andrew Jenks Filmmaker and Star of MTV's "World of Jenks"

Often dubbed ‘the voice of his generation,’ Andrew Jenks is an award-winning filmmaker who has lived in New York City, Katmandu, Nepal, Brussels, Belgium and Japan. Recently adding ‘author’ to his lis... Read More

Andreas Schleicher Deputy Director for Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the OECD's Secretary-General

First, a few acronyms: Andreas Schleicher heads the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). What it means is: Hes desi... Read More