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At SBA, we take pride in presenting a diverse selection of Adventurers Speakers who have left an indelible mark on the world. Hear firsthand accounts of daring expeditions to the world's remotest corners, encounters with fascinating cultures, and encounters with majestic wildlife. Each adventurer we represent has an inspiring story to tell, and their experiences resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Immerse yourself in the world of exploration, courage, and discovery as you listen to our Adventurers Speakers recount their extraordinary feats. Whether you seek motivation to overcome personal challenges or simply crave an enthralling narrative, these speakers will ignite your sense of wonder and encourage you to embrace the unknown.

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Mark F. Twight Alpine Mountaineer & Founder of Gym Jones

I call myself a climber because climbing made me who I am. I started in 1980. The more and harder I did it the better I became. I made first ascents on five continents visited the Himalayas seven time... Read More

Mark Pollock Explorer Innovator & Collaboration Catalyst

Mark Pollock went on to compete in ultra endurance races across deserts mountains and the polar ice caps including being the first blind person to race to the South Pole. He also won silver and bronze... Read More

Matt Guthmiller Entrepreneur. Pilot. Software Engineer. MIT. Youngest person to solo circumnavigate by air.

Matt is an entrepreneur pilot software engineer speaker and Guinness World Record holder studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his first company AnySIMiPhones in 2007 at ag... Read More

Matt Samet Author of Death Grip: A Climber's Escape from Benzo Madness

Matt Samet lived to climb and craved the challenge risk and exhilaration of conquering sheer rock faces around the United States and internationally. But Samet's depression compounded by the extreme d... Read More

Michael Foale Astrophysicist; Former NASA Astronaut; CEO at Foale Aerospace Inc.

Dr. Foale is a former NASA astronaut who has has been to Mir as Flight Engineer 2 and the International Space Station as Commander. He has performed space walks in both US and Russian space suits on S... Read More

Mike Mullane Career Astronaut and Member of International Space Hall of Fame

Colonel Mullane was born September 10, 1945 in Wichita Falls, Texas but spent much of his youth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he currently resides. He was a child of the space race and in the lat... Read More