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At SBA, we take pride in presenting a diverse selection of Adventurers Speakers who have left an indelible mark on the world. Hear firsthand accounts of daring expeditions to the world's remotest corners, encounters with fascinating cultures, and encounters with majestic wildlife. Each adventurer we represent has an inspiring story to tell, and their experiences resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Immerse yourself in the world of exploration, courage, and discovery as you listen to our Adventurers Speakers recount their extraordinary feats. Whether you seek motivation to overcome personal challenges or simply crave an enthralling narrative, these speakers will ignite your sense of wonder and encourage you to embrace the unknown.

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Aron Ralston Fearless Adventurer and Subject of the Film "127 Hours"

In 2003, Aron Ralston's extraordinary human drama grabbed headlines around the world. Now, his remarkable story is commanding the spotlight again and is captured in the brilliant film, 127 Hours. An... Read More

Ann Bancroft Pioneering Polar Explorer; Educator; Activist for Women and Girls

Ann Bancroft is the first known woman in history to cross the ice to the North and South Poles, is an educator and leads the Ann Bancroft Foundation, which is dedicated to maximizing the potential of... Read More

Arne Elias Corneliussen Explorer & Geopolitical Thinker

Arne Elias Corneliussen aged 41 is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Risk Consulting International (NRCI). He formed NRCI in 2010. Mr. Corneliussen developed a genuine passion for i... Read More

Adrian Ballinger Founder & Head Guide of Alpenglow Expeditions; Alpinist & Ski Mountaineer

Adrian Ballinger is a world class mountaineer business leader and professional speaker. As founder and head guide of the internationally acclaimed Alpenglow Expeditions Adrian envisioned a more holist... Read More

Araceli Segarra Mountaineer and Star of the IMAX film "Everest".

Araceli Segarra is probably best known as the first Spanish woman to stand on the summit of Everest, and for the numerous climbing expeditions she has organised. Araceli's interactive presentations ar... Read More

Alyssa Carson Youngest Ever Astronaut in Training; Space Travel Enthusiast

Alyssa Carson is a space enthusiast and one of the youngest people training to be an astronaut. Ever since she was a little girl Alyssa Carson has had her heart set on the stars. At only 3 years old s... Read More

Alastair Humphreys Adventurer Microadventurer Blogger Motivational Speaker; 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer blogger author and motivational speaker. He is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.A graduate of Oxford University in England Alastair spent four years cyc... Read More

Amelia Rose Earhart Youngest Woman to Fly Around the World in a Single Engine Aircraft

Amelia Rose Earhart namesake to the famed Amelia Mary Earhart who attempted to fly around the world in 1937 is the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft. In 2014 Amelia fl... Read More

Aaron Huey Photojournalist, Adventurer and Storyteller Who is Most Widely Known for his Walk Across America in 2002

Huey is widely known for his 3,349 mile, solo walk across America (with his dog Cosmo). The 2002 journey lasted 154 days. There was no media coverage. They walked everystep. Following the walk Huey to... Read More

Ashima Shiraishi Rock Climber

Ashima Shiraishi is an American rock climber. She started climbing at age six at Rat Rock in Central Park with her father. In a few years, she became one of the top boulderers and sport climbers in th... Read More