9 Tips for Finding the Right Keynote Speaker

The market for keynote speakers is not an easy one to navigate. There are thousands of qualified individuals who are able to speak at events and many of them are big names that most of your audience will know. While it may sometimes seem like you can pull a name out of a hat, that is not the ca... Read More

This week's keynote speaker news was filled with some of the names that are standard-bearers in the industry. Experts from design, innovation, business and marketing were tabbed by organizations for speaking engagements. Actress Diane Keaton Named as Part of Furniture Market Speaker Series&nbsp... Read More

To newcomers and seasoned event planners alike, understanding the cost of booking a motivational keynote speaker can prove challenging. There are many different factors that go into developing a speakers fee.As a basic guideline, the more experienced or noteworthy the speaker is, the higher their fe... Read More

Picking a keynote speaker has its own set of challenges. As with anything, breaking the process down into several key steps can make the task of hiring a speaker much easier. The main focus of your speaker search, however, should center on research. Once you are fully knowledgable about what yo... Read More