YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Delivers Keynote Speech at VidCon Event

Susan Wojcicki Speaking FeeCEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki delivered a keynote speech at this year’s VidCon event that happened on July 23 in the Anaheim Convention Center conference hall, and this was her second time doing so due to being such a big hit at last year’s event. There were three main points that Wojcicki wanted to convey to the audience about what we can expect from YouTube in the near future, and the first one was that the media company will be working more with their mobile app than ever before including adding features like editing tools and music options for creators to take advantage of. Secondly, she announced to the listeners that virtual reality is the “new frontier” of the technology industry and there will be 3D video support in the days to come. Thirdly, she emphasized that the creators and everyday users of the free streaming service are one of the cornerstones of their existence. Without people making videos for others to watch, there wouldn't even be a “YouTube” company. Therefore she encouraged everyone to keep creating and to leave feedback, as they find it valuable to their growth. The California native started out as one of Google’s original marketing managers in 1999, which eventually landed her the job working with YouTube. She has been an integral factor for Google and the technology industry and continues to work hard to keep it modern and improve it in every way possible. Wojcicki has been named as one of the world’s most powerful women by a number of magazines, but even made it as the #1 pick in 2013 on the Adweek 50 list. She currently still lives in California with her husband and their five children, and as much as she works to improve our internet experiences, she also advocates the importance of family time. The VidCon event this year was a huge success, and Wojcicki gave us a hint as to what we can expect from YouTube in the coming months. Overall it looks like a very exciting path for both the creators, users, and managers of the media streaming company.